A bit about me

Hello! I'm Amy - owner of Aim High Waxing & Beauty.

I'm a fully qualified beauty therapist having graduated in 2016. Since then, I have grown my own business and then decided to take the step to open my own salon in July 2020 (only slightly later than planned due to a pandemic...!)

Although fully qualified, my passion has always been with waxing, so upon opening the salon I decided to work from a limited treatment list so I can focus on the treatments I enjoy carrying out.
picture of Amy


I am a very easy going person and try to have the best time with my clients, usually laughing constantly and generally having a carry on! It's important for me that my clients really know who I am as I carry out such personal treatments, so I aim for you all to be as relaxed as possible around me.

I wanted the salon to be a place where my clients can just be comfortable and have a great time, and that definitely is the case!

Come on in to my salon, you'll have an amazing visit! ;)
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